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This is something you have never seen before, heard of before, and because it sounds so amazing it is more than likely a lie.

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You Think Positive Thoughts, Why Are These 3 Voices Affecting Your Love?

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How Often Do You Look In The Mirror? Ways To Change What You See…

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Define Joy

In a search for joy every morning, I have gone from joy quotes to the joy formidable. This morning I woke with this passage in mind and I would like to share it with you. I consider it the joy of…well you tell me….en joy!

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Why Sinners Never Get Saved

The unjust or those not in right standing with God because of a sinful life (having already received salvation) have been given this lethargic spirit numbing them of joy and pleasure, insensitive and inactive in mind – a robot in a sense. Constantly in the “rat race” or living a repetitive life of sin digging themselves deeper into depression, sorrow and grief.

This is not to keep them in utter abyss yet to “provoke them to jealousy.” Jealousy in the sense of rivalry causing them to hate the sin that is in them and pursue the sense of their need and responsibilities regarding the gospel. So some … READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Love Poems

After massive requests I have decided to make this available for FREE. I begun my writings in 2004 and the result was this book of love poems, romantic poems, funny poems, emotional poems, etc… I begun making my poems and other writings available in 2010 and in less then a year I have had over 2000 viewers/readers commenting on my work. It’s been a pleasure, honor and awe that my views have encouraged and inspired so many. It all came from a beginning and that beginning is this book of rhythmic love poems. I have a motto and it is: “With every small step there’s a new beginning. Each beginning defeats fear. Through it may be small beginnings, your steps create a legacy for others to follow. Take yours today.” So here is how I begun my my journey and it is yours for FREE!! Here is my beginning…. “I have experienced very many things and people in my life. I was once told writing would express my most inner feelings in a way only I understood and others anticipated. Love, hate, pain, lust, sorrow and desire – all these are the feelings I have written for the relief of my mind and heart. Shared with few, I was told that the emotions my words express described feelings many encounter. Each and every poem you read is from a personal experience that I have had with the exception of one. That one is just an imaginative experience that floated through my mind. Which poem that is, I will not tell, but please enjoy these readings as you look through the eyes of Passion.” I am so passionate about sharing my beginning with you that I have reduced the price to FREE (expensive isn’t it lol) Enjoy!!!

This has been an amazing discussion some

This has been an amazing discussion some good comments y’all dont miss out!

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